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Nathalie Hebner sTUDIO




My name is Nathalie and I love art, music, animation, crafts, food, and all sorts of beautiful things.

I create Illustrations, comics, write stories and just recently started to share in the goodness of digital planning and digital stickers.

As my studio grows, I will eventually have more art prints available as well.

So nice for you to stop by. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Free Digital Sticker

The New Choobicorn Summer 2018 Digital Sticker Pack Is Here!

To celebrate the upcoming Choobicorn 2018 Summer Collection, claim your free Choobicorn To-Do Tea Cup sticker here.

Happy planning!

300 Insta Followers Free Gift

Thank you to all who have followed me on social media, liked and/or commented on my work.

Download for free 😃

My Lastest Artwork



An avid gamer and book reader, I have worked on many RPGs and game designs, including games on Skotos inc, and Thoughtjelly.

You can find my published Writing, books, and writing contributions in the bookshelves section.


Visit for Other Published Works And Comics


I am currently working on an indie comic attached to an interactive horror modern-day game.

The webcomic will back online on Thought Jelly (  very soon.

Let me know if you want to be notified  when it goes live again. : )